Satellite Boy

Pete (Cameron Wallaby) lives with his grandfather (David Gulpilil) on the site of an abandoned outdoor cinema in a remote area of Western Australia. His grandfather tries to teach him skills – hunting, tracking but Pete just wants his Mother to return.

Though he misses her terribly, Pete manages to make the most of his situation, putting up with his grandfather’s stories and tearing around the countryside on his homemade bike with his best friend, the energetic smart-mouth Kalmain (Joseph Pedley).

This happy existence is suddenly shattered when news arrives that the cinema has been purchased by a mining company, and is slated for demolition. Panicked that his mother will not be able to find him when she returns, Pete convinces Kalmain that they can persuade the new owners to keep the cinema intact if they can just get a face-to-face meeting with them in the city. Kalmain has his own rather urgent reasons for wanting to leave town, so the two friends set out.

When Pete and Kalmain get lost in the desert starving, thirsty, and miles from anywhere, Pete discovers that the skills and knowledge imparted in his grandfather’s stories take on real meaning.

Pete is forced to look at the decision he’s made and decide who he wants to be.

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Directed by Catriona McKenzie
Screenplay by Catriona McKenzie
Produced by Catriona McKenzie